Time change at MuBa

During the autumn – winter seasons the MuBa will be open during the following shedule Tue. – Fri. 10.30/14.30 Sat. – Sun. 10.30/12.30 – 17.00/19.00


The "Good Shepherd" at MuBa

The “Good Shepherd” at MuBa

The “Good Shepherd” marble statue, a symbol of early Christian art, is the most famous find in the collection of Christian antiquities of the Vatican Museums. Originally a pagan symbol, it was also used by Christians. The figure is a reference to an idealized bucolic world, in opposition to the urban life world, populated by fine shepherds who discuss profound existential themes. The shepherd’s figure was a symbolic representations of the god Hermes, the Roman Mercury, too. The image of a shepherd wearing a lamb (or a ram) on his shoulders (in greek kriophóros) remind benevolent Hermes, carrier of...


MuBa new tickets

TICKETS Full: 3,00 € per person   Ticket with guide: 4,50 € per person   Reduced ticket: 1,50 € ( teenagers from 10 to 18 years old, over 60 and students in cultural heritage)   Free ticket: For children under 10 years old, for disabled persons and assistant, for tourist guide and the journalist with pass.   Groups: 2,50 € per person (composed by 10 people)   The guide costs 1,50 € per person. All the prices are without the guide