Sacred Vestments

The liturgical array is kept in the Museum, like the silver collection, to witness the importance and beauty of the solemn liturgies of the Chapter celebrated in Martina’s Collegiate.

The quality and variety of fabrics, as well as the variety of decorative motifs of the items exhibited, attest to the role played by the Basilica, documenting -among other things- the trade with the best known textile manufacturing centres.

The Museum contains numerous examples of mainly Italian manufacturers – from the Southern area- produced between the 18th and 20th centuries: chasubles, copes, tunicles, chalice veils, stoles, maniples and damasked bags, moire, laminate gros de Tours and taffetas embroidered with fine yarns. Moreover, all feature rich decoration with polychrome silks or gold and silver yarn, curly or laminated, and are embellished with sequins, stripes and fringes.

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