The Chorals and Scrolls

The Museum of the Basilica and the adjacent Archive-Library “Archbishop Nicola Margiotta” preserve an important documentary archive, officially recognized of historical value in 2006 by the Ministry of Culture and Environment, and embellished with Liturgical Codes in parchment of the Chapter of the Collegiate.
The Archives preserve records and one hundred and sixty volumes, three hundred canonical books and thirty-four envelopes of various correspondence, also, fifty-three scrolls, dating from 1348 to 1730 and restored in 1998, concerning papal indulgences, to the decrees of the Roman Curia, to concessions of privileges to the clergy of the Church of San Martino by the archbishops of Taranto, and deeds of donations to St. Martin’s Church’s Collegiate of authentic papers of relics and temporal goods.
The Platea reverendissimi Capituli civitatis Martinae, massive inventory of the chapter‘s members goods drafted at the end of the seventeenth century and updated a century later, is the most significant paper archive document, consisting of about a thousand handwritten pages, analyzed by the historian Giovanni Liuzzi, collecting all the news of the Church of San Martino and the town of Martina Franca and its celebrities.
The heritage is enriched, moreover, by some liturgical and musical texts: three manuscripts breviaries, two psalters, five handwritten and two printed gradual, dated between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries; four antiphonaries, two of which were printed, made between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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